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Dr. Cullers has been trained in the use of precise manual Trigger Point Therapy procedures and utilizes it in his practice daily.

Are you looking for Trigger Point Therapy in Daytona Beach FL? Are you suffering in Pain? Do you hurt when you move? Are you tossing and turning at night because of pain? There is a chance that your pain may be the result of Trigger Points in your body that have not been successfully identified nor have they been eliminated.

Dr. Cullers has been trained in the clinical application of the correct, effortless and virtually pain free way to perform manual Trigger Point Therapy. Dr. Cullers uses an evidence-based Trigger Point Therapy technique backed by over 100 years of clinical science discovered in 1909 in Germany by Dr. Cornelius MD. This technique is not commonly taught in the US.

If indicated, Dr. Cullers will use these precise and specific techniques to successfully eliminate Trigger Points once and for all!

Understanding Trigger Point Therapy in Daytona Beach FL

A small muscular nod, or specifically a trigger point, can be responsible for pain in parts of the body that are quite some distance from where the nodule is itself. It is common for a trigger point in the low to mid back to radiate pain and discomfort into the shoulders and neck. This neck and shoulder pain is likely to cause pain in the head which can be a dull ache or a sharp, intense pain.

This kind of therapy is designed to work on the nodule directly. There is specific, controlled pressure that is applied to the trigger point. After a few seconds of pressure, it is released. During this type of Medical Massage procedure, the patient participates and communicates by identifying areas of discomfort as well as having controlled deep breathing.

By relieving the trigger points in a muscle, it is allowing the muscle knot to loosen. Patients often experience immediate relief following one treatment. Regularly scheduled trigger point therapy can give you the benefits of pain management from stress, injury, etc.

If you are interested in Trigger Point Therapy in Daytona Beach, to help you recover from injuries you may have as a result of an Auto Accident, Slip & Fall, or an On-the-Job Injury schedule a consultation with Dr. Cullers at Premier Pain Relief today!

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