Chiropractic Testimonials

"Ingrid deserves a 5 star rating because it was probably the best massage I ever had. Thank You."

- Joan M.

"I purchased a massage while looking over the Groupon site. It has been a stressful year and I decided I deserved some pampering. Life became more complicated with my friend's back surgery "FINALLY" happening and I forgot about the massage. Two months after purchasing the groupon, I made the appt and was sooooooooo thankful to find a therapist that actually knew how to give a therapeutic massage. An added note, not until I looked at the Premier Site did I realize it was Dr. Jeff Cullers' business. That gave me an added degree of comfort going to an "unknown to me" establishment. Dr. Jeff has been in the community for years and has a heart and head for business. He expects only the best from those associated with his office. Many tks to Ingrid for a great massage, I will be scheduling in 2016."

- Barbara M.

"My deep tissue massage was the best! Thank You, Ingrid."

- Martin Knust

"This was my third massage, but first time going to Premier Pain Relief. Ingrid was the best and I will definitely be returning!"

- Heather T

"Ingrid was professional, caring, and obviously knows her stuff! I hadn't had a massage in a very long time and had knots upon knots. She eased those immediately! She is also an interesting and fun person to spend time with!"

- Patti Jo A.

"After a thorough new patient interview, and inspection of recent x-ray, Dr. Cullers gave me a hopeful diagnosis and plan of action for back and leg pain. Showed my wife and I how to stretch painful muscles prepare for more in depth care on the next appointment. Very caring!"

- Lynn W.

"Ingrid is great. She listened to what I wanted done, and addressed all my problem spots. I'll be back."

- Barbara R.

"My massage by Ingrid was superb. She addressed the areas I asked her to in a most effective way. She is very strong but yet gentle. I certainly feel better!"

- Rebecca S.

"The massage it was awesome. Very clean office, Ingrid was very friendly I was pleasantly surprised. I deal with chronic pain and she asks lots of questions so she could help me.She focused on the areas where much help was needed. I felt really good when I left the office."

- JoEllen D.

"Ingrid is very professional. She did a great deep tissue massage."

- Beth S.

"Ingrid did great at making me feel comfortable and relaxed."

- Kaitlyn H.

"I came in for a massage with Ingrid on a Groupon. She was excellent and we had a wonderful time chatting as well! I had been having some tightness in my left shoulder area and she worked that right out!!! The way you keep your patients informed via text and email is also very helpful! Hi Jeff!"

- Pam A.

"Ingrid was phenomenal. All my tight spots are gone. It was so relaxing. I slept like a baby last night. Already booked my next appointment. Don't hesitate, book your appointment now, you will not be disappointed."

- Cindy C.

"Saw Ingrid for a massage last night for the first time. She really knows how to target your problem areas and she has very strong hands!"

- Kim G.

"After 4-straight weeks of constant neck & shoulder pain (tendons, bursa & muscles) I walked in with a brace & walked out without it. I feel lucky to have found Ingrid & Dr. Cullers while searching for a groupon. This was a first time visit for me, but won't be the last. Thanks to the good Dr. I was able to schedule an appointment the day after my groupon purchase. I have had many professional massages in the past but this was for specific pain & Ingrid delivered 5-Star service! Pain Free & Drug Free! Her 60 min. Swedish is THE BEST! Perfect touch & I feel like a million bucks! Thanks Again!"

- Wendi M.

"I received a massage from Ingrid last night and it was awesome. I have fibromyalgia and it did not even hurt and today I am not sore. She worked the kinks out of my shoulders and relieved the headache I had. Very personable person and friendly staff. I highly recommend going to her."

- Jennifer D.

"Received a deep tissue massage for a birthday present. Couldn't be more pleased! Thank you for great service a great massage!"

- Adrian B.

"Dr. Cullers was very personable, friendly and very informative. I will definitely see him again."

- Kevin P.

"Very friendly and great with the delivery, highly reccommend! :-)"

- Earl S.

"Dr. Cullers was able to give me complete relief of a "knotted" muscle in my neck to shoulder region. In the course of two appointments, along with some "homework", I am back to my regular exercise routine in the gym. He went the extra mile to shoot photos of me doing the "homework" exercises so I would remember the exact sequence, as well as, the proper way to perform them."

- Russell B.

"I recently had a massage with Ingrid and she was GREAT!!! She targeted my problem areas and offered much relief. I felt great coming out of my session. Very professional and customer service was spot on :)"

- Isaiah K.

"Had intense my back and leg for weeks with every step I took. Got an appointment the very next day. With my first visit ,after being evaluated, Dr Cullers gave me the treatment I needed , I could walk without the pain for the first time in weeks. I will recommend Dr. Cullers to all my friends."

- M. Lawson

"Mercer boys says the visit was awesome. Friendly, courteous and professional. Keep up the awesome work Dr. Cullers."

- David M

"My Swedish massage with Ingrid was amazing, exactly what I needed!!"

- Renee C

"Dr. Jeff knew exactly what he was doing. He is very efficient. I will go back. "

- Byron S.

"This was my first visit with Dr. Cullers, 100% happy. I didn't have to wait forever to get an appointment, and I was seen at my scheduled appointment time. I will definitely recommend Dr. Cullers to my friends, and I will also return."

- Charles C.

"I had a Swedish massage with Ingrid - it was wonderful. Thorough and the perfect amount of pressure. I feel so pampered - I will happily book more!"

- Heather P.

"My first time at this office and my experience was wonderful!! Loved my massage with Ingrid, she seems like a great caring person! Very skilled and professional. Also enjoyed the ambiance of the entire office. Will definitely go back and recommend it as well!!! I feel great!!!"

- Enid M

"Great person and fantastic massage. Recommend!"

- Terrence W.

"After experiencing lower back pain for over two weeks, I called Dr. Cullers office and was able to get in the next morning- I got relief within hours of my visit. I only wish I'd called sooner ! Next time I won't wait to call. Very professional!"

- Terry G.

"Dr. Jeff and his staff are amazing. I have never felt better after my treatments at his beautiful facility. Dr. Jeff explains in details the treatments he is doing and what to expect after treatment and what to do to make sure you feel 100 % better after the visit with him. My Chiropractor FOREVER!!!!"

- Dolores G

"Great people great deal will be back again."

- Keith F.

"Visit was very professional and right on schedule. Staff was very professional and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend this office with Dr. Jeff Cullers."

- Richie S.

"Very professional, convenient, and friendly. I highly recommend. Office location and availability are very convenient."

- William P.

"Very quick and professional. I would highly recommend."

- Greg D.

"Quick, efficient, no waiting."

- Ralph B.

"Very professional no waiting. I highly recommend him."

- Delfim P.

"Dr. Jeff Cullers is a top notch Doctor! He and his staff are very friendly, got me in on time, no waiting. Very reasonably priced physical. I highly recommend them!"

- Bruce P.

"Dr. Jeff Cullers is great. He is on time. He takes his time with you and does not rush you. I will recommend him to all my friends and family. He is professional."

- Bob H.

"Thank you Dr. Cullers, great job. I am still considering your chiropractic service. I have already recommended you to several other drivers and I don't know when their medical cards expire but I am sure you will be hearing from them."

- James H.

"Dr. Cullers strives to make you feel as comfortable as he can. Low or no pressure from him. I told him that I have (white coats syn.) he talked about about other stuff. Im going to recommend that all 40 of us use him. THANKS!"

- Herbert K.

"Staff was top notch, and extremely knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend them - and will definitely continue to use their services as needed."

- Dave F.

"We come to Florida for a short time during the winter. Last year we found Dr. Jeff Cullers and my wife and I both got an adjustment = this year we are back he is GREAT and now Ingrid! I have had two surgeries for replacement of shoulder and knee since October and have spent much time living and sleeping in a recliner. My lower back needed to be loosened and get rid of deep tightness. Not only did she do that but upper back and shoulder area had many issues that are near gone. She said I might be sore YUP sure was but after about 19 hours it went away and wow do I feel good. Will I go back before I head north? YOU BET making another appointment tomorrow as is my wife for Dr. Jeff as he helps her so much."

- John T.

"I always leave Dr. Cullers feeling so much better, not only physically, but knowledge wise. He does a great job of working through my pain as well as explaining how to do some home work to lessen the discomfort in the future."

- Jim B.

"I am a Dr. of Oriental Medicine and can say that I was very pleased with the quality of care that I received at Dr. Culler's clinic. The intake and exam was thorough and comprehensive and I was glad to know that he offers many different modalities (stimulators, massage etc.) aside from the traditional adjustment. I opted for an adjustment and I have been feeling great ever since. I'll gladly revisit and am happy to refer my patients to him as well. Thank you!!!"

- Dr. Jorge M.

"I booked a Deep Tissue massage with Ingrid through Groupon. I have a lot of chronic neck and back issues and get very tight muscles and knots. She did a wonderful job of finding and working these areas. I felt so much better afterward! I will definitely be back!"

- Marlis C.

"Booked a one hour Deep Tissue massage with Ingred. So relaxing. She hit all the right spots. Let me also say how serene and relaxing the office atmosphere is as soon as you walk in the door. Relaxing colors and furniture as well as aromas. Puts you right in the right frame of mind to relax and heal. Thanks for a great experience!"

- Michelle N.

"Dr. Jeff massage therapy was able to bring me back to a very comfortable status. Several weeks of traveling had me at a tense state. I feel totally back to facing my daily life. THANKS."

- Henry I

"Dr. Jeff is awesome . He helped me in a pinch as I was leaving the next morning for vacation. Not sure how I would have made it without him. He is professional and caring. 5 star rating!"

- Jamie C.

"I found the Groupon for a 60 minute massage with Ingrid and jumped on it. What an amazing decision. Ingrid kindly showed me to the massage room and was extremely kind and polite. She worked out a lot of knots that I had on my back and the massage was extremely relaxing. She gave attention to detail on every part of the massage. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an hour of relaxation! I slept like a baby that night. Thank you Ingrid this wont be the last time you see me :)"

- John H.

"Dr. Cullers is top of the line will never go to another Dr agin for my DOT physical he is easy going and no stress."

- Ashley H.

"One of the best things about coming back to Florida is Dr. Jeff. He explains everything so you can understand what he is doing and what he is fixing. Excellent, excellent, excellent."

- Linda T.

"Dr. Jeff Cullers gives an extremely thorough exam before making adjustments only where needed. Jeff and his staff care about your individual needs. I highly recommend him. Thanks again."

- Jim F.

"Jeff Cullers gives a great massage; he has strong hands and can provide all the pressure one would want. Also, if you are having issues, Jeff will take an interest and can provide some great tips on stretches, exercises, and adjustments that can help reduce pain and discomfort and possibly resolve things that are resolvable with those types of treatments."

- Dean P.

"I didn't know I had areas that were in need of work ,But Ingrid's warm hands sure found the right spots and loosened up those tight spots. Loved the semll of the lotion that she used. very good massage."

- Mona C.

"Ingrid gave a very good massage !! I think I fell asleep, No I did !! Felt great for days after. Thanks Ingrid."

- Frank C.

"Ingrid was amazing!. I am 54 yrs old and have had many massages in my life - all over the world. This massage was truly one of the very best. Ingrid is a true professional with just the right touch. I am so happy I found her."

- Laurie T.

"I have been seeing Dr cullers for over a year now.. He makes me feel so much better every time I get a massage."

- Ann M.

"Had a great Swedish massage with Ingrid. Hit all the right spots and did a great job. Thanks!"

- Eric L.

"Dr. Cullers this is Annette. Thank you so very much for seeing me. I had a comfortable night sleep that i did not have for a long time. The deep massage was soo restful. It was as if you went in there surgically and reached deep inside where all the trouble began. I am very grateful and i hope with your continued help we can solve this awful pain. Thank you again."

- Annette V.

"First time visiting the Back & Body Wellness Center and meeting Ingrid. I had a wonderful massage. Ingrid listened and applied just enough pressure. That night, after the full body massage with Ingrid, I slept like a baby. I will be returning."

- Naima P

"I've had many massages throughout the years- professional as well as from students at the college. I must say, Ingrid- you are best! Thank you!"

- Ana R.

"Thank you Ingrid for a wonderful massage. I left feeling so wonderful, and relaxed!!"

- Star B.

"Thank you Ingrid for a wonderful massage. I left feeling so wonderful that I immediately went to my old office and pinned your card to the bulletin board after telling everyone how good you are."

- Patsy S.

"Through the years, I have hired many chiropractors & Dr. Jeff is top notch! What are you waiting for... Make an appointment & get healthy!"

- Paul M.

"Dr. Culler's combination of medical massage and chiropractic adjustments ended my difficult summer of intense leg pain. The pain was so bad that it was causing me to limp! Dr. Cullers was able to do what the doctors I used in Colorado were unable to do. I can now enjoy my daily walks without discomfort."

- Carolyn K.

"Thank you, Ingrid, for a wonderful massage. Great touch. Felt great when I left."

- Diane H.

"I found a groupon for a massage at Back and Body Wellness Center and scheduled an appointment with Ingrid. She was amazing! I just got your basic swedish massage but she relieved a couple knots I had in my shoulders. I would definitely go back."

- Morgan B.

"After weeks of a stiff neck I finally scheduled a massage with Ingrid. What a relief! She is amazing and I felt great!"

- Ann D.

"Thank you Ingrid Jones I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and hoping to come back soon."

- Marlene E.

"I was seeing a chiropractor in Virginia prior to moving to Florida last year. I started complaining to my wife about my neck and back and how I missed my chiropractor back in Virginia. Well she heard enough of my complaining and saw an ad for Dr. Cullers and told me to book an appt. Well I did and after just one visit and initial adjustment my neck feels 1000% better. It's amazing what one adjustment can do if performed correctly by a real professional. Thanks Dr. Cullers and I'll be seeing you again next week for a follow up."

- Walter D.

"For my first time going to a chiropractor, Dr. Cullers broke down everything I needed to know in a way that I could understand which gave me reassurance that he knew what he was doing. I would definitely recommend his services to other people that I know."

- Jazmin A.

"After months of migraines above my right eye, I finally have relief, thanks to Dr. Cullers! With only a few adjustments, I am now pain free which is a true blessing. Both my husband and I each purchased a Groupon package with the exam, consultation, and four adjustments. As for me, I have never had any chiropractic adjustments, but I can honestly say I am hooked. Dr. Cullers was extremely professional and explained the procedure in detail so I was very comfortable with each adjustment. Dr. Cullers is an expert in his field and comes with our highest recommendation."

- Bonnie W.

"As a patient with a first time haveing Siatica pain for 4 weeks now, I have to admit, there was a difference after the first visit..You said I would still have pain because this was not a one visit fix...It will take some time... I was a little uncertain that this is what I needed...but many people advised me that this worked for them....I just happend to find you while taking my wife to her doctor next door. I liked your attitude toward what I would need to do and your concern for my pain at that moment. That is why I came to your business though I had other recomendations. And I can say too that you explained everything so well, so clearly and slow enough for me to understand.... I am looking forward to total relief after my next few visits..."

- Steve B.

"Dr. Jeff Cullers is the best Dr. of Chiropractic that I have found in FL. The staff is very professional and I am very impressed with DR. Cullers I would highly recommend him to everyone."

- Frank R.

"Staff was top notch, and extremely knowledgable and professional. Would highly recommend them - and will defintiely continue to use their services as needed."

- Dave F.

"I was very pleased with the information I received from Dr. Cullers. as well as the adjustment made to my back. I felt better before I left the office and the next day my back pain had completely subsided."

- Carl P.

"This is the first medical type groupon I have ever purchased and am I glad I did! Met Jeff at a healthfair and was impressed with his organization and knowledge. Even more so when I got my treatment. First treatment I was doing better. Another is on the way and I am hoping to be even further along after that. After more than 50 years of adjustments by many, this rates with the top few I have had work on me if not the best. Very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. He is my choice for adjustments while in Florida as a snowbird. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND."

- John T.

"I have never had things explained so clearly to me. After one visit, the pain is almost gone."

- Linda T.

"After two years of suffering with pain on both hips and hip flexors, Dr. Jeff Cullers was able to free up my pain in both areas. I just happened to pass by his office during bike week and decided to give it a try. The attention I got from both his massage staff (Michael) and Dr. Jeff Cullers was as if I had been a patient of theirs for years. For the first time in two years I have hope from the daily pain I have been suffering from and can now get back to competitive cycling and triathalons. Thanks Dr. Cullers."

- Jeff M.

"Dr. Cullers was courteous and knowledgeable. I had one treatment with him and was very happy with the result. I look forward to working with him."

- Angel L.

"Dr Cullers is the. Best!!!"

- Tom W.

"I discovered Back and Body Wellness through Groupon. During consultation, I explained the areas with discomfort. Dr. Cullers was very thorough in explaining the human body and adjustments using everyday wording. So far, I had two adjustments and feel the relief. Having two toddlers and full time sitting job, I look forward to continuing adjustments with addition of massage."

- Wendy H.

"Dr. Jeff Cullers is very smart & knows everything there is to know about chiropractic. Meeting Dr Cullers was the best thing that happen to me after my accident. Even though I'm scared about this hole back thing he makes it very comfortable & doesn't force you to do anything you don't want. He will explain everything there is about what your scared of for you to overcome your fears. He sure is doing that for me. He treats you like family. Even my girlfriend who doesn't get treatment at his office he takes the time out to ask her if she has any questions that means a lot to me. You need to stop looking for a chiropractor and get into his office and book an appointment NOW to see him. If you don't your missing out."

- Miles W.

"I sought out Dr. Jeff Cullers in search of relief from numbness and pain due to pinched nerves affecting my shoulder, forearm, hand and fingers in November 2013 and January 2014 while on vacation. I have seen direct, immediate results from three visits. The first visit allowed me to open doors with my left hand. After two more visits in Janaury I no longer have trigger finger in my ring and little finger on my left hand. While that may seem minor when you type for a living this is a big improvement. After three visits I have more mobility and less pain. Dr. Cullers provided additional guidance and insights for additional Physical Therapy that I have ongoing since I only visit him when on vacation. Dr. Cullers is a talented professional providing health care and cogent insight to Spine related issues. While I have still have issues he gives me hope these can be resolved. If you are stuck with no improvement with an ongoing Issue Dr. Cullers may be what you need to reach the next phase in your treatment regime. You have nothing to lose if you are already in pain with loss of function."

- Harry P.

"I have known Dr Jeff since he was 14 yr old. I was a patient of his fathers for years and worked with Jeff as my personal fitness trainer. During this time he studied to become a Massage Therapist. He worked with his father, offering massage in conjunction, with a chiropractic treatment with his father. I was having extreme sciatic nerve pain that only massage relieved. I have now been going to Dr. Jeff for 2 years and am able to function almost normal. If I have a trip planned, I am sure to be able to get in to see him. Now that Dr. Jeff is a Chiropractic doctor, I am sure he will be able to incorporate the two to help many more people. He is outstanding and trustworthy."

- Sandra M.

"I started seeing Dr. Jeff in October 2013. I suffered from extreme pain in my neck and shoulders from a car accident last December. Since being a patient of his my pain has decreased enourmously. Dr. Jeff also expalins alot of things on how the body works and how the muscles react. I am so grateful I found Dr. Jeff as I lived in extreme pain for almost a year before coming to him. I would highly recomend him to anyone in pain."

- Ann M.

"I met Dr Jeff in the Gym I frequent and was complaining about the lack of good chiropractic care to someone I knew from my old home town and she recommended Dr Jeff . We spoke for a while and I made an appointment. Dr Cullers gave me a very thorough exam and a great adjustment I have had arthritis and bulging disc problems for 30 years or so. I have never felt so good so fast since I have lived here. Dr Jeff knew exactly what I needed. I have used a half dozen or so Chiropractors here and I can tell you he is the best hands down for me. Thanks so much Dr Jeff NO MORE PAIN."

- Chris C.

"I've been a client of Dr. Cullers for a number of years and schedule an appointment whenever my travel or work routine signals that a massage would bring much-needed relief. His recognition and diagnosis of the problem area, the ability to clearly communicate the causes, then apply the appropriate massage technique has always been an effective, relaxing method for eliminating the discomfort and associated stress."

- John R.

"My neck was sore from exercise and I was about to travel over 2,000 miles by car. Dr. Cullers not only was able to see me right away, but knew exactly how to relieve the pain in my neck so I could drive the distance without any problems. With his experience and education in massage therapy and chiropractic medicine he is the "go to guy" for my needs."

- Russell B.

"I met Dr Jeff at a seminar a couple of years ago. I started getting massages about every 5 weeks that targeted chronic aches and pains including inflammation of my IT Band. Today I am basically pain free thanks to Dr Jeff's massages and his coaching about stretches and proper exercise footware. Dr Jeff is a very good communicator."

- Gary B

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