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Department of Transportation physicals are never fun, but when you choose the right examiner to perform your physical, you'll have a stress-free exam from a practitioner who truly cares about your well-being. We offer DOT physical exams in Daytona Beach FL.

Driver-Friendly DOT Physical Exam

Dr. Cullers puts the needs of the patient first, so if you're looking for a DOT physical in Daytona Beach, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you get a thorough exam from Dr. Cullers a certified examiner, but you'll also learn how to make healthier choices for a more balanced life.


  • DOT Driver Exams: As part of our dedication to comprehensive patient care, Dr. Cullers at Premier Pain Relief offers DOT exams for commercial driver’s licenses and physicals for drivers who don’t require a CDL but who haul enough weight to require a DOT exam.
  • Pain Management: Dr. Cullers has seen a lot of repetitive strain injuries in the drivers that have come to see him. On top of DOT exams for drivers, Dr. Cullers also offers regular chiropractic services to help relieve pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, and legs.
  • Schedule Your Appointment Online: To make things as convenient for you as possible and to guarantee an appointment, you can schedule your DOT Physical online. Simply click on the menu tab that reads "BOOK NOW", scroll down to the CDL/DOT Physical service, then select the day and time available.


Dr. Cullers at Premier Pain Relief is Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certified medical examiner. He has been working with and examining drivers for years and understand how important it is that you pass your test. He also knows how improved lifestyle choices and healthier habits can protect your livelihood and will be glad to discuss these options with you during your exam.


A DOT exam is a simple and hassle-free three-step process that involves taking your medical history, performing the exam, and filling out all the necessary paperwork.

Step One: Medical History

To provide an idea of your general health and family background, you'll be asked to fill out a brief one-page medical history detailing past illnesses, diseases that run in your family, and your overall health.

Step Two: The Exam

Once you’ve provided your medical history Dr. Cullers will review the information you’ve provided, go over any medical conditions you may have, and perform a basic urinalysis test. As part of the exam, he will also:

  • Measure your height.
  • Weigh you.
  • Take your blood pressure and pulse.
  • Test your range of motion.
  • Examine your eyes and ears.
  • Check your breathing.
  • Urinalysis (Blood Sugar & Protein, this is NOT a drug test).

Step Three: Paperwork

The final step in the process is the paperwork. Once your medical history and exam are complete, Dr. Cullers will fill out all the necessary paperwork to process the exam results. When you leave the office, you'll get a copy of the exam to take with you when you get your CDL, and a second copy to give to your company. We’ll also keep a scanned copy of the exam in your file at the office. And after all the paperwork has been processed, you'll get your very own DOT medical card to keep with you at all times when you're driving.

Note: If you need a copy of the DOT exam faxed to your company, please have the fax number handy.


A DOT physical at Premier Pain Relief costs $75 and only takes about 30 minutes. We accept cash, all major credit cards, and company checks. To prepare for the exam, compile all your medical records, put together a list of any medical conditions you’ve been diagnosed with, prepare a list of medications and the name of the prescribing doctor, and take note of any medical devices that you require.

On the day of the exam, you'll have to bring all of this with you. Here's a checklist of things you should bring (where applicable):

  • Photo identification
  • Medical records
  • List of medications, including strength and dosage, for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hearing aids
  • Copy of your most recent stress test (for heart conditions)
  • Copy of your latest sleep test result (for sleep apnea)
  • Contact information, including names, phone numbers, and fax numbers for all your doctors

Right before your exam: Make sure you drink a glass of water and come in with a full bladder, as you will have to provide a urine sample.


Dr. Cullers understands that a lot of people don’t like doctors, hospitals, and medical exams and that anticipating your appointment may elevate your blood pressure. But he works with drivers all the time and understands how important it is for you to pass your DOT exam. To help prepare yourself for the appointment, here are things you can do in the days and weeks leading up to your exam:

  •  Take your medication every day as prescribed and on schedule
  • If you forget a dose, take it as soon as possible if that’s what your doctor recommends
  • Tell Dr. Cullers if you’ve recently missed a dose so that he can recheck your pressure later on or the following day
  • Reduce your caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and salt consumption
  • Remember that you won’t find a single white coat in our clinic!

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