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side-spineThroughout our everyday lives we come across pain that in some way is directed from our spine. 

Our spine is the central core of our nervous system and these nerve fibers control the movements in our body.  Our muscles and bones need these nerve fibers to work properly, so that our posture, movement, strength, and balance are working properly as well.  Staying active in our lives is a key importance to maintaining spine success.
When lack of activity is present your body will lose the energy needed to control the human body.  Keeping active maintains and increases this ability to work properly.  Not only will you become physically injured by lack of being active, but also your mental focus in life decreases.  You will become unproductive and fall into a downward state of losing energy. Eventually this will cause major problems with your body and physical exhaustion occurs regularly throughout your life.

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Treatment after a motorcycle accident


Dr. Jeff Cullers is very smart &  knows everything there is to know about  chiropractic. Meeting Dr Cullers was the best thing that happen to me after my accident. Even though I'm scared about this hole back thing he makes it very comfortable & doesn't force you to do anything you don't want. He will explain everything there is about what your scared of for you to overcome your fears. He sure is doing that for me. He treats you like family. Even my girlfriend who doesn't get treatment at his office he takes the time out to ask her if she has any questions that means a lot to me. You need to stop looking for a chiropractor and get into his office and book an appointment NOW to see him. If you don't your missing out. Miles W.

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