children-articleChildren also benefit from spinal exams!

It seems children never run out of energy, they go all day long running, jumping, and playing hard.  Sometimes all this physical activity puts stress on the spinal nerves; this may lead to lowering a child’s resistance and open the door for many illnesses.

The slightest misalignment can cause a child to suffer from adult type problems, such as headaches, back pain, poor concentration, irritability, etc. and for many, a simple, painless spinal exam will allow Dr. Cullers to find, and treat if necessary any misalignments.

Chiropractic Care for children is much more than just spinal exams. Premier Pain Relief and Dr. Jeffrey M. Cullers can examine and monitor the growth of your child’s body, address important nutritional needs, offer correct exercise programs, and help to prepare your child for a healthy adulthood.


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We come to Florida for a short time during the winter. Last year we found Dr. Jeff Cullers and my wife and I both got an adjustment = this year we are back he is GREAT and now Ingrid! I have had two surgeries for replacement of shoulder and knee since October and have spent much time living and sleeping in a recliner. My lower back needed to be loosened and get rid of deep tightness. Not only did she do that but upper back and shoulder area had many issues that are near gone. She said I might be sore YUP sure was but after about 19 hours it went away and wow do I feel good. Will I go back before I head north? YOU BET making another appointment tomorrow as is my wife for Dr. Jeff as he helps her so much. John T.

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